At Yogasara we offer you a sacred space to connect with your self & each other for mutual empowerment, love & freedom.

Yogasara LogoYogasara Studio is directed by us – Sarah Harlow and Laurence Elliott. The studio was co-founded by Sarah Harlow and Christopher Gladwell in 2008, born out of their shared vision to create a dedicated space for yoga and other creative and healing arts.

Our Bristol Yoga studio offers you a warm welcome, an oasis in the city, a place to come and re-vitalise your body-mind and soul. Yogasara means “the Essence of Yoga”. Yogasara operates as a Community Interest Company – our commitment to serving the community as an ethical business.

We have gathered yoga teachers in Bristol who share our values – that Yoga is a profound path for wellbeing, healing and transformation. We all do our utmost to share this with passion and integrity. All our teachers have or are working towards above and beyond the standard 200 hours of teacher training, so that we can offer you a very high standard of teaching. Come to Yogasara and find inspiration, deepen your practice, share your gifts, open your heart, mind and body and connect with like minded people! We want to build a vibrant, respectful and loving community, for the evolution of consciousness and liberation for all beings everywhere: “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”.

We offer classes, teacher trainings, continued professional development, courses, retreats and workshops in diverse styles of yoga, movement and meditation. We combine a broad range of experience and expertise to provide something for every-body. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner you will find what you are looking for at Yogasara. Get in touch with Laurence on 07951 884103 if you are not sure which class is for you.

How we Offer our Services

The Yogasara Foundation course is provided by Yogasara CIC company number 06614834. All other courses, workshops, retreats, and all classes are offered by the named teacher/organiser of the event, Yogasara CIC acts as agent for these teachers in booking classes, collecting fees, and offering the space.

Yogasara Training Ltd, company number 12393041, provides the 250 hour and Advanced Teacher Trainings.

Bristol Therapy Rooms is a trading name of Gaya Property Ltd company number 12227615, and provides affordable room rental for therapists.