Community Art Project

We are delighted to introduce our new art director, Seanie Louise who is also a Yogasara Teacher.

As a Community Interest Company we have always been passionate about supporting community endeavours. With so many talented artists who are also yoga students and/or teachers we wanted to support them to share their work & inspire others to access their creativity.

We have created a beautiful display which will be on rotation showcasing Yoga artists and poets which will lead to an annual Art Exhibition.

Keep an eye out for Yoga and creativity workshops that will be part of encouraging this synergy of healing and creative expression. You can sign up for our newsletter here – to keep up to date with our offerings. Many students/teachers have been able to unlock and or empower their inner artist through the therapeutic pathway of Yoga. The freeing of “true self” through Yoga, self enquiry and meditation, can facilitate or support a “freeing up” of creative energy and bring yoga off the mat and into the world in all kinds of interesting and beautiful ways! These new Yogasara art projects are aimed at inspiring others to access their creativity and/or to be brave enough to share their existing creations.

A warm welcome from Seanie:

Hello my name is Seanie, my psuednym is Selo. I practice and teach Yoga alongside another practice I’ve coined Symbolic Artistry. I consider the latter practice to be a form of meditation and yoga in my life. Over the years these two paths have effortlessly found each other and I am humbled to say my evolution as an artist is a direct response from my healing journey through yoga, and being a part of a safe and strong community.

Creating art has long been a sacred space for me, at the young age of 15 I began to commit more to art and I began to teach myself how to draw and paint, a way that at first was an escape from my external life, and an internal response to trauma. Little did I know at the time that I was in fact surrendering to a spiritual practice. I poured my energy into it and got relief, understanding and way to process complex feelings. This can be likened to the lotus flower emerging from muddy waters.

These days I’ve discovered through learning and commitment how to channel wisdom, feelings, messages and energies that I felt inside of me into artworks, this has continued to evolve as an offering to others in the form of mandala readings.

Joining Yogasara feels like the next step for me within our Yoga family, and community, to help, support and celebrate the creations of others. As part of my role I will be organising a Yogasara Community Creators Market space for our very own yogis and community members to come and sell their creations, celebrate, socialise and practice together.

It is my belief that together we find Joy, and deep connection to source. A healthy community has roots within the sacred, the creative, the spiritual energies that reside inside of us, that unless are nurtured may lay dormant for a lifetime.

Please join us in this creative space, contact me if you want to showcase your work on the Yogasara wall, and be a part of our first Market. Get in touch with me at

Love Seanie xx