Charity Events

We are delighted to introduce our new charity events director, Anna Loveridge who is also a Yogasara trained Teacher.

As a Community Interest Company we have always been passionate about supporting community endeavours. With so much need we want to be able to give back by hosting regular charity events.

These events will donate 100% of the income (not just ‘profit) to the charity of choice. Many teachers are supporting charities that are close to their hearts for personal reasons.

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If you are a trained yoga teacher and interested in Yogasara hosting your charity event please email Anna:

A warm welcome from Anna or Anz!

Hi, I’m Anz & I’m uber excited to be taking on this role at Yogasara. I began yoga 14 years ago, and since then my practice has evolved to become an act of gratitude to myself, the people in my life, and the world we all share. As Yogasara Alumni and a Thai Massage Therapist, I continue to witness the benefits of having a dedicated space for breathing, moving, connecting, and healing. I believe charity events are a way to bring the community together in these spaces, whilst also providing support for important causes.

I have always been passionate about the work charities do, and as an Events Management graduate I was proud to work at events supporting refugees in Manchester. More recently, my dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and hosting a charity event at Yogasara really helped me to feel like I was doing something positive to help. My intentions for coordinating charity events at Yogasara come with three aims: to raise awareness and funds for important causes; to help teachers feel like they are making a difference; and to welcome more people into Yogasara who might not normally be drawn to the space.