Events, Courses & Workshops

Part 1 – Yoga for Beginners 6 Week Course

Starts 11th January 2024

In Part One we explore how our bodies move and link this to our breath. Discover the Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskara) breaking down each asana (posture) within it and looking at the steps/stages (Kramas) to achieve each posture.

Combined with breathing practices and the introduction of the Yogic Philosophies of Patanjali’s Yamas & Niyamas.

“It can take 6 weeks to form a habit ….”  let Yoga become new habit for 2024. A Christmas present to yourself of a special gift for someone else…

Part 2 – Yoga for Beginners 6 Week Course

Starts 11th January 2024

In Part Two we explore the Standing Asanas including Warrior 1,2,3 & 4, Balances and much more ….

Again with a kramic approach incorporating Pranayama ( Breath work) and looking deeper into the Yogic Philosophies including the Life Energy Systems/Maps of the Prana Vayus & The Koshas.

“It can take 6 weeks to form a habit ….”  let Yoga become new habit for 2024. A Christmas present to yourself of a special gift for someone else…

Mother Nuture Yoga and Sound Circle

with Ashleigh Ward and Ruth Semple

December 8th 7.30 – 9pm 

A space to slow down, pause and be held. Followed by a restorative sound bath, tea and vegan treats.

Ashleigh will guide you through a soft yin & yang practice, observing how your body and breath respond. Building heat through a gentle flow before settling into a series of long supported yin postures, to help balance the energies of life.

After the movement, Ruth will settle you into a cocoon of soothing sounds. This can be a deeply meditative experience allowing you to harmonise with your inner self, uncover forgotten facets of your being, as well as support your well-being.

Solstice Sanctuary with Sarah

December 21st 6 – 8.30pm

Celebrate and restore with Sarah Harlow

A candlelit sacred space to move, breath, rest and pray together.

Dynamic vinyasa flow to heat you from the inside.

Mantra & song to calm the mind & open the heart.

Prayer to resource & reconnect to all that supports and nurtures life.

Yoga nidra to nourish your body & soul for the festive season.

Optional tea and festive treats to close.

New Year Yoga and Dance Retreat

with Sarah & Lucy

January 7th 10.30 – 5pm

An invitation to the incredible candle lit Mount Without to set our intentions, focus our energy, gather our resources, and sweat our prayers, through Breathwork, Kundalini Global Yoga & Movement Medicine Dance.

Through a dynamic practice of breath and posture we will land into presence, activate the energy body, expand the mind, and open the heart to access the deepest self.

In the afternoon we will share some cacao to nourish and open the heart space.

We will then journey into the power of the heart through Movement Medicine Dance. We will take our prayers & intentions and allow them to be expressed through the body with creativity and compassion as our guides.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Fundraiser with Beth

Bristol Yoga Roots Project

December 16th 11am – 12.15pm 

Join Beth for a nourishing Saturday flow to kickstart your weekend and share some love. Expect a dynamic and rejuvenating sequence, exploring your edges and taking you down to rest this wintertime.

This is a Pay-As-You-Feel class and all proceeds will be donated to Bristol Yoga Roots Project.

Bristol Yoga Roots Project (BYRP) has been offering inclusive, trauma informed yoga to those who are most under-represented in our community since 2017. People experiencing significant challenges, from domestic abuse to homelessness, benefit so much from the warmth and love of BYRP, and they would hugely appreciate our support. Every donation, no matter how small, really makes a difference to cover the costs and sustain this work.

We will be accepting donations via cash or contactless on the day. Click the link below to secure your spot

Yoga Nidra, Music & Massage

with Leonie, Mel and Laura 

Saturday 23rd December, 6.30 – 9.45pm

Take time to retreat into an evening of rest. Interweaving restorative yoga, yoga nidra, heartfelt massage and enchanting Indian flute, these evenings are carefully crafted to offer a space to experience the therapeutic & healing benefits of deep rest, relaxation and connection. An opportunity to come home to your body and settle deep within your heart space. Each workshop draws inspiration from the seasonal cycles and Celtic festivals to frame our intentions & reflections as we come together for collective rest.

Specially selected seasonal herbal teas & sweet treats included.