Events, Courses & Workshops

Part 1 – Yoga for Beginners 6 Week Course

Starts 18th April 2024

In Part One we explore how our bodies move and link this to our breath. Discover the Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskara) breaking down each asana (posture) within it and looking at the steps/stages (Kramas) to achieve each posture.

Combined with breathing practices and the introduction of the Yogic Philosophies of Patanjali’s Yamas & Niyamas.

Part 2 – Yoga for Beginners 6 Week Course

Starts 18th April 2024

In Part Two we explore the Standing Asanas including Warrior 1,2,3 & 4, Balances and much more ….

Again with a kramic approach incorporating Pranayama ( Breath work) and looking deeper into the Yogic Philosophies including the Life Energy Systems/Maps of the Prana Vayus & The Koshas.

Yogasara Foundation Course 2024

With Sarah Harlow, Katie Depres and Hazel Bugler

September to November 2024

An invitation to come and deepen your practice of Yoga & Tantra over three months. Six days of diving into the empowerment, healing & wellbeing available through yoga.

Our teaching is rooted in Tantric philosophy- offering you a synergy of contemporary and traditional wisdom.

Ideal for those who have a taste for yoga & want to know more, or for those thinking about taking steps towards the teaching path.

Come and join us if you want to immerse yourself in yoga!

Circling and Authentic Relating Workshop with Robin

Friday 19th April  7 – 9.30pm

Come as you are and learn how to weave your truth into connection.

Be inspired by the unknown territory of other people and yourself.

Curious? Come circling.

Circling is a practice of being with each other in the present moment. Every circle is different and you might experiment with showing up in new ways. Many people feel moved to share what they are noticing about thinking, physical sensations and emotions. Movement is welcome and silent presence is also included.

The practice of circling encourages a reverence for the beauty and wisdom at the heart of every single one of us. It is also founded on a  belief in our ability to be together in nourishing community. 

Beltane Workshop with Sarah Harlow

Friday 3rd May

7.15 – 9.30pm

The theme will be Beltane & Svadhistana Chakra. Svadhistana – the creative centre of ones “own abode” is perfectly timed for the pagan celebration of Beltane.

Beltane is a beautiful Pagan festival that fits deliciously with the creative energy of Svadhistana Chakra. Beltane translates as- “Bright Fire” a Celtic festival celebrating the fecundity and creative force of nature!

A synergy of Yogasana, Mantra, Tantric Meditation, Prayer + Song ✨

Bring your desires and dreams to light and weave what matters to you into every cell of your being!

Come & explore your body, heart & mind in a creative & sensual practice with an invitation to create more of what matters to you most✨

Beginners Handstand Workshop

with Shell on Sunday 12th May

10am – 12pm

This workshop will offer insight into starting your handstand journey!

There is not one same journey for everyone into a handstand, we all come with different assets and have different areas to work on.

Focusing on foundations and the kick-up into handstand, you’ll learn drills to help you understand more about these elements of the handstand:

◇ alignment
◇ specific strength
◇ conditioning
◇ flexibility

Working step by step, we will use the wall for support and I aim to give as much individual feedback as possible.

Breath and the Brain with Anna and James

Sunday 12th May 2 – 5pm 

A 3-hour workshop exploring how the breath can be used as a tool for self-regulation and empowerment.

Drawing on the latest research we will guide you through a number of practices enabling an
experiential understanding of how each may benefit you.

Workshop outline:

• The physiology of breathing
• The relationship between breath and mood
• Breath tools for up-regulation and down-regulation
• Help to understand your patterns to enable choice

Facilitated by:

Anna Powell (PhD) – Neuroscientist and 500-hour yoga teacher

James Dunn – 500-hour yoga teacher and breathwork instructor

Family Constellations Workshop with Katie

Thursday 30th May 6.30 – 9.30pm 

Do you find yourself stuck, or lacking in motivation, noticing repeat patterns occurring in your life, at work, in your relationships, health or creativity? Do you wonder why or how you ended up in this situation or that might be holding you back ..?

Systemic Constellation Work, or Family Constellations is a methodology used to identify and resolve difficult life issues – in our family, work, business, health or creativity.

The constellation approach takes the ‘widest possible view’ which can include past generations & trans-generational traumas.

Constellations can be used very practically for decision-making or specific challenges, or we can explore the deeper dynamics within relations with our families and ancestors.

Like in nature, our focus is on finding where the natural order is not working and re-establishing harmony and flow within the Constellation. 

Hands on Teaching Course – Supporting your Students through Conscious, Skillful Touch

1st + 2nd June 10 – 5pm  

Come & develop your hands on teaching skills as an act of devotion & love!

With Hazel Bugler

Hands-on teaching is an immediate and tactile way to communicate. It is especially essential for kinaesthetic learners who may struggle to understand your direction through verbal or demonstrative teaching modes alone.

Physical touch is an invaluable teaching tool to enhance postures and help students to develop more embodied awareness by improving proprioception and interoception. 

The weekend will be very interactive with the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with many different bodies including those new to yoga into some of the foundation postures (such as downward dog, table top, savasana) and directing more advanced students into more complex postures (including inversions, balances and twists).

We will develop your palpation skills (feeling though your hands) and the ability to scan and read the human body to identify the most effective approach for each individual student. 

The Art of Sequencing Workshop with Seanie

Sunday 14th July 10am – 1pm

The first of 3 labs on sequencing – ‘Reverse Engineering’

We will explore the fundamentals such as the relationship between postures, and how to sequence safely and with flow. You will create your own intelligent sequence with time to explore this in your own body.

In this first round of 3 labs we will use revere engineering to sequence around a peak posture to prepare the body with skill.

Our time together will be immersive and educational. Equipping you with confidence and knowledge.

This workshop is for yoga practitioners with a self practice, as well as teachers and trainees.