Hands on Teaching and Embodied Anatomy Course


May – July 2020

Dates & Times

May 23rd & 24th

June 13th & 14th

July 11th & 12th

Sat 10am – 5.30pm / Sun 9.30am – 5pm


Yogasara Studio


Investment – £575

Deposit to secure your place £275

To Book:

Contact: / 07789 501 884 to book

60 hour IYN (Independent Yoga Network) accredited CPD course.

6 Days over 3 months plus 9 apprentice hours & 6 hours (min) home study

Course Content

During this course we will bring Anatomy & Physiology to life!

We will identify common postural patterns, as well as cueing strategies to awaken parts of the body that may need attention. We will begin the journey of translating the complexity of anatomy and physiology into Yoga postures through skilled hands on facilitation.

You’ll travel from the arches of the feet and legs; to the fans of muscle around the hip, adductors, and the psoas; into an exploration of deep breathing involving the abdomen, diaphragm and the rib basket; along the springy spine; into the drape of the shoulders over the ribs; and ending with the neck, head, and jaw. This course asks the question how are we shaped, and what shapes us? How can we as Yoga teachers facilitate embodiment, freedom and stability for our students so that they can move more naturally in gravity and space and use the postures as medicine.

We are steering away from the commonly used term “adjustment” as we feel that it suggests that there is something wrong and people need correcting. Intelligent teaching is about facilitating the innate intelligence of the student’s own experience. As the teacher we are a guide, in service to our students’ empowerment. The intention of hands on teaching is to enable the student to recover / discover their own body-mind more coherently. Verbal cues aren’t always the best way to communicate, and neither is demonstration. We have found a combination of verbal cues, demonstration and hands-on alongside your own embodied presence offers the most comprehensive approach. This combination covers the variety of learning styles that people have.

This course is designed to give you more skills and the confidence to implement what you already know with clarity and healthy boundaries.

Essential Reading (bring to each day)

The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga, Ray Long MD FRSC


Visible Body App (available on Smart phone & Tablets)

Suggested Reading/Resouces

Functional Anatomy of Yoga, David Keil

Complete Human Body, the definitive visual guide, Dr Alice Roberts 


Contact for booking/more info:

Sarah – / 07789 501 884

“The wise leader (teacher) is like water. Consider water: water cleanses and refreshes all creatures without distinction and without judgment; water freely and fearlessly goes deep beneath the surface of things; water is fluid and responsive; water follows the law freely. Consider the leader: the leader works in any setting without complaint, with any person or issue that comes on the floor; the leader acts so that all will benefit and serves well regardless of the rate of pay; the leader speaks simply and honestly and intervenes in order to shed light and create harmony. From watching the movements of water, the leader has learned that in action, timing is everything. Like water, the leader is yielding. Because the leader does not push, the group does not resent or resist.”

John Heider, The Tao of Leadership