Yoga-Tantra Chakra Immersion 2020


  • February 29th – Muladhara
  • May 3rd – Svadhishthana
  • June 28th – Manipura
  • August 23rd – Anahata
  • October 24th – Vishuddha
  • November 21st – Ajna / Sahasrara


10am – 2pm


Sarah Harlow


Full course – £240

Drop in day rate – £45

Booking Details

email: or call: 07789 501884

The map of the chakras is rooted in ancient wisdom.

We will explore the western adaptation of this map through the practices of Yoga-Tantra, Embodied Awareness, Self Enquiry and the contemporary lenses of Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, & Neuroscience.

The practices can facilitate direct experience through a Kramic (step by step) approach towards revelation, empowerment & healing.

The days will be an exploration of each chakra through a combination of Asana, Mantra, Meditation, Tantric philosophy & Movement Medicine Dance & Voicework. An opportunity to dive deep and find the treasure of your own innate wisdom!

Attendance to the full course can be used for 30 hours CPD (with home study) accredited by the IYN.