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  • Sunday 2nd February
  • Sunday 1st March
  • Sunday 5th April
  • Sunday 10th May
  • Sunday 7th June


10 am – 4.30 pm


Josie Harrington & Katie Despres


Full Course: £325.00

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To secure you on the course you can book NOW by paying a deposit of £150 & fee. The balance can be paid in installments.

To pay in FULL ( NO fee) or for more information please contact us directly

Katie Despres: 07768 845954 /

Josie Harrington: 07970 889401 /

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The Course: This course is for those who have a desire & curiosity to find out how Yoga can become a way of life, more than something you ‘do’ once a week. We will explore how you can take yoga off your mat and make it part of your everyday. Learning to live with more resilience, compassion  and connection to life.  We are all different; in our range of movement,  the patterns in our minds, where we hold stress and how we breathe. Sometimes yoga can feel like we are trying to fit our bodies into shapes. This course will help you embrace your  differences and know how to work with rather than against them on and off your mat. This 5 day course will deepen your awareness of the link between the body, mind & breath. Using the 4 cornerstones of a yoga practice; Learn more about Yoga Bristol with Yogasara

  • Asana – Postures – mindful movement, using the body to realise holding patterns. Balancing strength & softness.
  • Pranayama – Breathing practices – learning how to breathe effectively – understand the link with your nervous system. How to use breathing to manage stress, anxiety and mood, quickly and effectively.
  • Yoga philosophy – Patanjali’s yoga sutras – learn the art of compassion, patience, acceptance, gratitude – qualities at the heart of yoga,
  • Mind -Meditation , mindfulness, concentration, mantra
  • Relaxation – including Yoga nidra, the queen of relaxation practices,

Mornings –  will be spent experiencing yoga asana, mindfulness, Kriyas (cleansing practices) and breath work. Afternoons – dedicated to group work, exploring yoga philosophy, neuroscience, physiology, positive psychology, life coaching. We will end the day – with a Yoga Nidra to consolidate your learning and find space to receive the benefits of deep relaxation for body and mind. Experience the magic of yoga & how it can enhance your wellbeing and experience of life. About the Teachers: Josie Harrington & Katie Despres Josie has worked in the NHS as a Mental Health Nurse for over 20 years, she is also coming to the end of her two year training in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health – she will bring this combination of experience & knowledge into the course. Katie is an experienced Health & Wellbeing Coach who works with both individuals and businesses. Coming from a corporate background, Katie knows all too well the physical and emotional impact of workplace stress and the struggle to balance this with our personal lives. We are both 800 hour qualified & certified Hatha Yoga teachers  with the IYN and senior teachers at Yogasara Studio where we trained Times & Dates: Sundays 10-4:30pm 2nd Feb, 1st March, 5th April, 10th May, 7th June Who this course is for: We will warmly welcome anyone who has a desire to deepen their yoga practice, with a focus on understanding and experiencing how yoga practice can support your health and wellbeing. Perhaps you have had a break from yoga,  recovering from an injury or illness, or want more tools to manage stress, worry, mood, boost energy & focus in life. Join us to to find the practices most relevant to you where you are in your life right now,  increase your resilience to manage the ups and downs of everyday life. Ideally you will have some yoga experience & have been attending classes. If you are brand new to Yoga practice we would recommend that you complete our Yoga for Beginners Course and some of our classes before joining the course ( please contact us to discuss) Investment: £325.00 (concessions available please ask). To Book: To secure you on the course you can book NOW by paying a deposit of £150 & fee. The balance can be paid in installments

To pay in FULL ( NO fee) or for more information please contact us directly Katie Despres: 07768 845954 / Josie Harrington: 07970 889401 / Testimonials An excellent course – enjoyable, challenging and empowering. Josie and Katie’s passion for yoga and teaching skills are self evident. My practice changed after day 1 and I have been able to continue these positive changes now that the course has finished. Thank you!  Highly recommended!  Mick Soper 2019 I would definitely recommend this course, it covered a wide breadth of practices for self awareness and self-care, balance and the ability to start your own self practice of Yoga with confidence. I loved learning the breath work. This has brought more peace into body and my life. We were given simple yet powerful tools for self awareness, like observing thought patterns and tools for building resilience. Laura Forman I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to manage anxiety/stress, improve confidence,  feel healthier and energised, unlock potential, or simply better understand the link between the mind and the body. I came away with a goldmine of techniques and information that I can easily implement in my daily life, and have helped me with all of the above. Josie and Katie create a safe environment and the perfect balance of activities that allowed me to both challenge myself and heal. Hannah Khan The experience was wonderful. I now do yoga pretty much everyday at home. Before this course I did very little independent practice other than yoga nidra every so often when I really fancied it. Dr Jess Stokes  I found the course an emotional rollercoaster but a good one. Good to have two teachers that were there to support me physically and emotionally. I definitely would recommend this course to others. Bought the relaxation and enjoyment back to yoga. Thank you Josie and Katie. Dionne Hargreaves

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