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Callum Gillon

07946 427826||www.gillonmassage.com

Callum is a massage therapist and yogi, trained in Holistic and Deeptissue Massage Therapy as well as Myofascial Release.

A firm believer massage therapy is for anyone. Callum wants people to experience a deep connection and understanding of the body to enable healing, growth and equilibrium.  Massage means bringing sensory awarness to the body through means of touch.

Experienced in deep-tissue and holistic massage he aims to treat the body as a whole. Working with the physical, emotional and energetic body, a holistic massage is tailored to whatever you need from the treatment. Callum uses techniques from various traditions in his massage practice so he can respond to what you and your body needs.

Deep Tissue massage is a therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. The use of slow deep pressure, firm connection and focus on specific regions of the body is used to alleviate muscle fibres and bring oxygen and blood back to the muscles. Displacing toxins soothes the muscles, enabling repair, growth and pain reduction.

Fascia is connective tissue working three dimensional to connect every single part our body. Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) is a type of bodywork, a therapeutic approach working directly with fascial system.  A slow and gentle pressure enables the body’s tissue to reorganise without force, release physical restrictions and let the unconscious holding patterns unwind.

Massage Training Institute (MTI) registered practitioner. He has done workshops with Myofascial Release UK. The learning never stops and continues to to do various training courses and workshops to develop as a massage therapist and bodyworker.

Callum is also currently training to become a yoga teacher and brings the fundamental principles of yoga into his massage practise. Breath and being present!

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