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Christopher Gladwell

Instructor Photo - Christopher Gladwell

Achieve Excellence with Christopher Gladwell

What do I offer?

I coach people into excellence, using body, breath, heart and mind. 

I will help you to build a life of excellence, rippling with loving and powerful relationships, success, passion and purpose. 

I will help you move through any emotional distress, physical injury and limiting beliefs into a brighter future. 

How will this happen? 

I use body based practices
I use mindfulness and meditation
I use breathwork
I use mentoring
I use inquiry and robust questioning
We will use focusing, witnessing and heart listening as tools to deepen in compassion
I also use my manifold skills from yogic psychology, coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapeutics, mindfulness and bodywork to help you unravel any problems and difficulties, and then find ease, delight, joy and movement in your life.
You will move from stuckness, limitation or distress into a place of power, joy and ease.
I will guide you into visioning a new way of being in the world and then take the action steps you need to take to make your dreams reality.
What else?

One of the key elements we will explore is your business or work.

What do you want from your business?

Is it thriving?

What does it need to thrive?

How can we work together to ensure a thriving business?

What needs to happen to generate the income base you want?

Other key elements we might explore include your relationships, wellbeing, place in the community, and of course your dreams and how for the future, for yourself and the world around you.

What you have to do

You commit to carrying out any practices, homework or study and do your best to show up, do the work of being present and enjoy the process.

You commit to an initial ten sessions of work with me. Each session is from 60 to 90 minutes.

What can you expect from a session?

We will do some physical work to enable greater embodiment.

We will do breathwork

We will do some mentoring and counselling to find freedom and resolve any limitations

We will do some life planning and coaching, for your business and how to manifest these plans.

We will explore and resolve limiting beliefs, old habits and emotional patterns and find the freedom available to you through yogic transformation.

We will work in an integrated way using body, feelings, mind and dreams to find the right steps to bring you what you want and need.

We will co-create developmental strategies around the points of leverage in your life. We will build new habits that support your growth and empowerment, whilst honouring the paradoxical qualities of achieving your vision, living your dream and also surrendering to what is.

I will help you set realistic goals, work with visioning and bringing this vision into reality.

I will help you set financial goals, and help build approaches to enable these as effortlessly as possible.

I will use my skillset* to help you uncover greater psychological and emotional wellbeing, find or craft your passion, your purpose, and be successful in this.

I will help you facilitate your empowerment and live in a good, ethical and powerful way on this planet.

This approach give you an effective and accelerated development as you unfold and blossom into your potential.

You are invited to a free phone consultation on 07786 928 458

What do I charge? 

£90 per session

What if I can’t afford that? 

Talk to me and tell me what you can afford. We will work with what you can afford.

I work with dynamic pricing which means that if you cannot afford my full fee, I will work with you for what you can reasonably afford.

What shall I wear?

Come in whatever you want but be ready to move or be moved should we do physical work or bodywork. You can always bring clothes to move in and then change, should that be needed.

Use the contact form below to reach out or call me now to get your life on track for the life you love.

 *My skillset includes…

Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Embodiment work, Wellbeing Psychology, Empirical neuroscience, Somatics, Core-Identity Psychology (CIP), Belief Structuring, Shamanic journeying and Heart Whispering.

I am trained to a high level and continue to develop my skills in continuing professional development (CPD).



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