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My first deep encounter with yoga was twenty years ago, as a student of a Mysore style Ashtanga class in London. That initial experience, particularly the atmosphere of dedication, focus and mutual respect within the shala, made a lasting impression. I still love the discipline of Ashtanga yoga. These days, however, my practice tends to be more creative and certainly more yielding, varying from day to day depending on what feels most nourishing.

Greatly inspired by the Yogasara method and by my teachers Sarah Harlow, Chris Gladwell and Sam Burkey, I draw on hatha yoga (movement practice), breath work, chanting and meditation, although I am gradually coming to the conclusion that the substance of my practice is far less important than the quality of attention I bring to it. Consistent with this perspective, and in addition to following the Yogasara teacher training pathway, I am currently studying for an MA in mindfulness at Bangor University. I hope to infuse my yoga teaching with the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness (acceptance, non-striving, non-judgement, patience, letting go, beginner’s mind and trust) and, as time goes by, to weave more formal and informal mindfulness practice into the fabric of the class.

Stepping into teaching yoga is both a recent venture (hence offering my class at Yogasara as a ‘community’ class), and a natural progression in response to the enormous value I derive from my own practice. I have a particular interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga, especially in terms of building resilience to mental health challenges, an area in which I have considerable personal experience. I passionately believe that yoga is for absolutely everybody and offer you an invitation to show up exactly as you are. I look forward to practicing with you.

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