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In 2020, after nearly 15 years of daily yoga practice, I finally followed my passion and trained as a teacher. Immediately hungry for more, I completed a pre and postnatal YTT course and am currently devouring the advanced 300hr training.

I started exploring ashtanga whilst in my teens and enjoyed an extreme yang practice, the constant stoking of the internal fire, which I now know was not the most balanced approach! I still love a whip through the primary series but my practice has grown to be much more intuitive and mostly when I arrive on my mat I allow my body to guide me.

I’m also a bit of a geek when it comes to anatomy and neurology so my teaching has become a curious blend of spirituality, science and playful sequencing. Ultimately I’m interested in guiding students to listen inwards rather than dictating a shape. This emphasis on a cultivation of awareness has become ever more central to my teaching since journeying to motherhood.

I believe that we need all the support we can get to protect the sacred feminine ritual of birth. Many factors will distract us from Mother Nature’s guidance but practicing yoga as a connection to self, connection to baby and simply keeping fit and strong can provide us with the tools we need to maximise our chances of a positive, natural birth. This is my focus in my classes. I create a safe and nourishing space for women to feel empowered and prepared in their lead up to the birth of their child.

Yoga has the potential to be completely transformative. The process of quieting the mind and letting the body’s wisdom be heard is such a gift. Holding the space for students to feel into this is exactly why I love sharing my passion.

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