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Katie Despres

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I found yoga at a time when I was an unhappy, tired all the time, stressed out business owner, wife and mother.  Yoga and the amazing support from the yogic community enabled me to change all that.

I’m still a business owner, wife and mother but have found a whole new way of being all of those and still being true to myself.  Regular study and practice of yoga has given me strength of mind and body, weight loss, increase energy levels, improved immune system and a massive reduction of stress and anxiety.  Freeing me up to realise my potential and really live life to the full.

Yoga can do the same for you 

I didn’t intend to teach but the massive desire to share and invite others to realise their full potential through yoga and gain a greater understanding of the connection between the mind and body brought me here.

I teach vinyasa flow and tantra yoga with passion & humour for improved everyday wellness.

I combine this with my knowledge and experience as a Health and Wellbeing coach and mentor for individuals and organisations.

My classes are for beginners and intermediate level practitioners. Plus those who want to rejuvenate their practice through revisiting the foundations.

I hope to see you in one of my classes, workshop or courses soon.



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