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Lucy Spragge

07966 436178|kundaliniyogabristol.co.uk

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Lucy Spragge is a Kundalini Global teacher and a trained Hatha teacher based in Bristol and Ibiza.

She has been practicing yoga for 23 years and is particularly interested in harnessing these extraordinary practices to recover from anxiety and addiction states. She is fascinated by how we can use Kundalini Global to change hormonal flow and powerfully manage stress and emotions.

Lucy believes that Kundalini yoga can give us awareness and space to choose how we respond to life. When landing in the body we can begin to still the mind.

“The true connection I have felt through my practice, discovering something greater than myself, has been a huge part of my own recovery from my addictive and anxious nature and I can’t wait to share the tools that have helped me so much with you. My intention is to hold a safe space where people can trust me to show them how to initiate a change in how they feel. We all have our story and emotional responses to life – this is an invitation to experience the quantum field of possibilities and the way we can transform Through The Breath, Posture and Intention.”


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