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Lynne accidentally stumbled into a yoga class at her gym a few years ago and immediately became an addict, believing that the alchemical power of yoga ultimately lies in enhancing our capacity to act and interact in the world. Her practice is accordingly joyful and life-affirming, all about exploring and celebrating the experience of being alive with a light-hearted curiosity and radical intention.

A self-described geek, Lynne came to yoga via studies in music and philosophy and as such her classes aim to empower students to connect, feel and transform. Her laid-back approach, warmth and compassion cultivates a space in which everyone can take whatever they need from their yoga – whether brightening, invigorating, soothing or replenishing – and then take that back out into life. Working at an energetic level, Lynne’s classes are creative, rhythmic and flowing, organically spiralling through movement, meditation and breath towards moments where you might just surprise yourself and even change what you believe to be possible. Particular attention is consistently paid to cultivating a powerful, smooth and calming breath, whilst taking delight in the interplay between invigorating challenge, gentle release and blissful relaxation.

Lynne enjoys practising and has completed extensive training in vinyasa, mandala, rocket, mindfulness meditation, and yin yoga, and brings aspects of all of these styles to her classes. In 2020, she also completed further training in pre- and post-natal yoga and baby massage, and plans to commence studies towards a counselling qualification this year.

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