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Maria Benazzo


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Maria is a Yoga Independent Network (YIN) qualified yoga instructor. She obtained her qualification at the Yoga Sanctuary (Southampton, UK) where she was taught by Steve Harrison, the creator of the Living Yoga Method (LYM) and founder of the Sanctuary. She is currently attending the Advanced LYM Teacher Training to further cultivate her interest in breathwork and deepen her understanding of the associated mental and physical benefits.

Originally from Italy, Maria first came across yoga at the age of 15 in YogaSangha (Turin, Italy) before encountering Steve at the age of 19. On her first experience with yoga, Maria witnessed the irrefutable power that the practice has to shift mental states and untangle the mind from negative thinking patterns. The techniques and the philosophy taught in the LYM brought answers regarding the interconnectedness of body, mind and breath and provided a simple recipe to lead a happy life. The secret is simply to increase your energy levels through the practice and positive thoughts and actions will start to manifest in your life.

The Living Yoga Method is a branch of Hatha Yoga. Its creator, Steve Harrison, spent two decades researching, exploring and distilling what he learnt from his Master while in Rishikesh, India at the foothills of the Himalayas. The result is a practice that provides the tools to a happy and satisfying life that anyone can learn and integrate into their lives, therefore the name living yoga.

The method is comprised of 5 components:

  • Breath training
  • Posture training
  • Mindset training

and as you progress…

  • Cold water training
  • Digestion training

The two signature techniques of the LYM are:

  1. Double Breathing which strengthens the respiratory, immune and nervous system (among many other psycho-physiological benefits)
  2. the use of the pulse combined with the Ujjayi breath (aka the victory breath) in the posture flow (Asana) which allows to progressively nudge into physical boundaries without building further tension.

Words can only attempt to describe the benefits that the practice brings so you are warmly welcomed to come and experience it yourself, the first session you attend is free. Spread the word and the love.

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