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Michelle Tovey


I am a qualified therapist working in private practice in the  Central Bristol and North Somerset area. I am an integrative therapist, which means that I can work with individuals in a way that works best for them and any presenting issues. The chances are that if you are seeking a therapist you may have feelings of sadness, anxiety, stuckness, numbness, dissatisfaction in one or more areas of your life or have good awareness but you are unsure on how to move forward. I can help you within these areas and many more.  I work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in long term therapy and many types of abuse/abandonment/depression/relationship issues and neglect issues as a result. I provide therapy for Children of Alcoholics and addicts, and adult children who still have unresolved parental and childhood issues included Domestic Abuse. These types of unexplored issues can cause depression, general anxiety and issues within current relationships to name but a few. I provide the right conditions so that we can safely explore these issues, to move towards a more satisfying outcome.

I also work with couples who are experiencing a ‘stuckness’ in their relationship, or have difficulty in moving past certain issues. Including couples counselling and individuals who are experiencing low self esteem issues as a result of communication or relational breakdowns. It might be that you repeatedly end up with the same type of relationships, or you are struggling in maintaining  current relationships. Either way I can work with relationship issues that are inter-personal and familial.

I have solid experience of addictions work, both using the cycle of change model and the 12 steps model. I can provide short term therapy that is up to 6 sessions with a review or longer term therapy for clients who are needing more time and space to work upon their experiences, and this is available for inviduals or couples counselling. I have solid experience of teaching and developing workshops for groups in the field of addiction and domestic abuse. I have written and facilitate groups for women and men who have been caught in the cycle of unhealthy or abusive relationships coupled with substance misuse. I currently deliver these workshops to individuals in rehabilitation treatment within the North Somerset area. The workshops are pattern changing and break the cycle of entering and being in, unhealthy and abusive relationships. It can be an excellent tool to support recovery for individuals experiencing the ‘stuckness’ of these cycles. I developed the programme based on my experience on working with The Freedom programme and working in treatment with addictions.

My fees are £45.00 for individuals and £55.00 for couples.


If you are reading this you may be interested in attending one of my workshop days that are specially designed for professionals wanting to refresh or gain solid knowledge on working with domestic abuse, substance misuse and metal health (the toxic trio).  The training is for counsellors, experienced therapists and students. GP’s, health and social care professional will also benefit from the training. I provide a half day workshop, where in a safe environment we can explore the tough subject of working with clients who are in a domestic abuse relationship coupled with addictions and mental health issues. The day is as interactive as you would like, I provide lots of opportunity for thought, reflection, questions and learning. Exploring the sensitive nature of the ‘stuckness’ these clients experience alongside the trauma and effects. The day is broken down so that we move through the key aspects of identifying abuse for the client and us as practitioner’s, exploring known perpetrator traits and the effects on the victim and the beliefs behind the behaviour.  The workshop draws to an end exploring the golden question of why stay why leave? By the end of the workshop, professionals will have a fresh understanding of domestic abuse and its meaning, taking into account new laws such as coercive control. Be able to identify specific groups of perpetrator behaviours and tactics, can work with a client to help them gain understanding of what is abuse and gain insight into the dilemma of why stay why leave, that victims are overwhelmed with. You will have good insight and understanding of how to bring this knowledge safely into your professional setting and  work so that you are keeping the client safe.  The workshops are half day and priced at £55 per person, early bird bookings and students are £45 per person.  I provide this training in Bristol and North Somerset dates to be confirmed.

Please look at my website and have a read through the ‘About Me’ page and the ‘Private clients’ page so that you may get a more indepth idea about myself as a therapist and also the range of issue and difficulties I can competently work with. Thank you for reading my profile I look forward to hearing from you.

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