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Mylène Chiron


Both Kinesiology and BodyTalk are holistic therapies that can track down and reveal what is behind the symptoms that you are experiencing, and restore balance in the precise sequence of healing that is right for you, thus promoting long term results.

My sessions are directed by your own body/innate wisdom: muscle testing – or muscle biofeedback – will indicate the direction of the session at any given moment, making our work together a unique experience that always reflects where you are at, what is ready to shift and change, what needs to be further explored and brought into consciousness for you to go deeper within – to that place where our natural balance and vibrant health can be restored and maintained.

Anything can be a starting point to our session together. It might be that which you think needs ‘fixing’ or it might be that this symptom is only what I like to call ‘your guide’, which will lead to the unraveling of other areas of your experience that need attention and release.

Simply be playful and curious and you will see how our session together might lead us to life changing new depths, and therefore open windows of opportunity you didn’t even suspect could be there for you.

All in all, this is a Journey that cannot be made without your own commitment and awareness that YOU alone can truly heal yourself. My own journey has taught me that we are ultimately and utterly responsible for our state of health: therefore Consciousness is the Big Key to restoring that balance.

My work with both modalities

Both modalities being based on muscle biofeedback it is easy to move back and forth between both, as and when your Bodymind requires. So I very often navigate between both fluidly and simply follow what YOU are ready to see and integrate at any given moment. This is truly a co-creative process. All that I am and that I know is utterly and ultimately at the service of what your Innate Wisdom has decided is ready to heal.

A session always starts with establishing permissions and making sure that you and I are indeed ready to do this session, establish where to start and what is your absolute priority for the session. I always end the session by asking whether there will be a follow up on the particular issue we are exploring and if so, whether what I do is the next best step for you at all! You might even be redirected to another practitioner and another modality altogether so I make sure that I am and stay absolutely honest and truthful in my purpose helping you reach your highest potential.

I regard ANY ailment, discomfort, illness, disease, pain on ANY level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – as YOUR GUIDE. One thing for sure, this has brought you that far and here we meet. The rest is just a question of curiosity, courage at times, and awillingness to explore what is at play within your own consciousness.

About myself

I was born in France and have been living in Somerset, UK since 2002, after spending time in south-east Asia and South America teaching French in private schools and Universities, or traveling and expanding my experience of the world/ self.

Along the journey I have worked through my own challenges using various approaches and techniques until I experienced in 2004 what I could only describe as a very focused and highly determined ‘Higher Mind’ which, through a few rather intense months of relentless witnessing of the ‘lower mind’ processes, allowed me to progressively experience a deep transformation of the self.

This was my personal introduction to the True Power of Mindfulness, combined with what I would call ‘fierce’ honest and unrelenting self enquiry… and the beginning of years of deeper – and ongoing – personal inner work.

As I used to receive kinesiology sessions on a monthly basis in my twenties, I simply decided one day that this modality was the best and most grounded way with which I could share the knowledge and understanding I had gained – thus establishing a solid foundation for what had become my most natural expression as a Healer.

I was further attracted to the fact that muscle testing/checking could only pick the best technique available (in my ‘tool box’) from the point of view of the person – and that this tool box could pretty much expand endlessly: as a result I am and will remain an eternal student and I wouldn’t like it otherwise.

This journey quite naturally led me to the discovery of the BodyTalk System which I have now utterly and very enthusiastically embraced as a path to my own spiritual growth as a Healer, diving even deeper into the quantum reality of Consciousness and its role in our general health and our state of balance/lack of balance with the rest of reality.

So Welcome to CHIRON BodyTalks, where with both Kinesiology and Bodytalk tools we will use this innate wisdom hidden within you to reveal and unravel the best possible routes to health and well being.


A kinesiology or BodyTalk session does not require taking clothes off and can either be done sitting in a chair or lying on a massage table according to the work needed or according to your own comfort and physical needs.

One hour session is often enough to unravel quite a bit of ‚your story’ and operate changes; yet I recommend to allow for at least 3 sessions: there will certainly be many micro-shifts during the sessions and in the following days/weeks, that need integration time for better and lasting results. There might be recommendations to help this process in between sessions that vary greatly according to who you are and where you are in your journey. Your bodymind always knows what you need…

I charge £50/h with an extra 15mn free of charge for a first appointment.

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