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Nicky Navraj


I’ve been teaching Kundalini Yoga for five years now and it is always a joy and an honour to share this profound practice with all those who feel drawn to it. Over the years I’ve held classes in parks, by rivers, at community centres, in tents, in living rooms, in fields, on hillsides and, of course, at yoga studios – wherever I am called to serve, I serve.

My dedication to sharing Kundalini Yoga is rooted in my commitment to serving the transformation of humanity at this time of great change, and equally motivated by my desire to support people to move beyond their self-limiting beliefs to realise their true soul potential and to live more fulfilling, joyful and harmonious lives.

I initially started practising Kundalini Yoga to help handle the stress levels of being an environmental activist, and I quickly realised the true power of this practice to bring about profound change in our way of seeing and interacting with the world, and so teaching Kundalini Yoga soon became my new form of activism.

I am currently also training in energy medicine and crystal healing, I offer therapeutic tarot readings and I am deeply committed to the path of reclaiming the ancient feminine, through ceremony, ritual and women’s circles to bring deep healing for women, with the greater vision of restoring harmony between feminine and masculine on our beloved planet Earth. All of these practices and experiences feed into my approach to teaching Kundalini Yoga.

I’m honoured to now be bringing my service to Yogasara and I look forward to welcoming you into one of my classes to share this journey with you!

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