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Having a dedicated Yoga practice since 2011 has been foundational to my journey of growth as a human being. The daily practice of moving inwards has increased my capacity to be reflective, mindful and compassionate. Over the years, I have grown from a place of struggling to accept myself to now enjoying and embracing who I am and what life brings my way.

Through my experience, I have developed a personal philosophy of meeting myself and others from a place of kindness, care and understanding. I believe the desire to find meaning in one’s life is universal. Yoga, for me, has become the channel through which I can shape a more meaningful life.

My calling to teach stems from a place of reverence at the wisdom stored within our bodies and a passion to meet people in this place. My yoga practice, grown across the last 10 years of my life, has led me into the philosophy of Shaiva Tantra and the physical practice of Krama Vinyasa, which have become deeply embedded both on a personal and professional level.

I’m passionate about self-discovery and growth on a subtle body level, through the exploration of the mind-body connection, yoga philosophy, asana, chanting and pranayama. Inclusivity & accessibility are at the heart of my offerings; I advocate for a more expansive and beautiful life for each, rooted in love and compassion.

I have been teaching classes for over six years and here are details of my completed trainings:

500h AYTTC in Shaiva Tantra Krama Vinyasa Yoga; Sarah Harlow & Sam Burkey

60h CPD Yoga Tantra Chakra Immersion Course; Sarah Harlow

60h CPD In Depth Anatomy and Adjustment Course; Sarah Harlow & Sam Burkey & Chris Gladwell

200h YTTC Hatha Yoga; Gaurav Malik & Kate Osman

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