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Patrick Flint

07501 088504||www.patrickflint.com

My engagement with yoga was sparked by an interest in meditation and a desire for sustainable, positive change in my life. The journey into deeper practise and teaching began with discovering the Yogasara studio in Bristol, whose vision of yoga honours the depth and breadth of the tradition while fostering its growth and innovation.
I have completed a 70 hour foundation course and 250 hour Independent Yoga Network accredited teacher training at the studio and feel a growing confidence in sharing these profound practices with the world. I continue to thrive within the Yogasara community and will embark on their Chakra Immersion course alongside Christopher Gladwell’s Maha Yoga Immersion in 2020.
Alongside yoga, I have a long standing involvement with music as a live performer, DJ, producer and teacher/facilitator. I am also a practising Buddhist within the Triratna Buddhist community. Yoga and Buddhism provide an ever-expanding container to hold my life, the tools to understand it and the glue to bind it together. I look forward to meeting you and practising together soon!

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