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Rowan Quarry

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Rowan was raised as a Quaker which is a pacifistic branch of Christianity that uses quiet reflection as its form of worship. In his 20’s he started practicing Hatha yoga and Vipassana meditation. While studying the techniques Rowan completed 3, 100 hour meditation retreats as well as keeping up a regular 2 hours daily practice.

In his mid 20s while setting up a hemp farming Coop, Kundalini Yoga exploded into his life through multiple sources; this felt right to explore as he wanted to have a more embodied practice. Taking it on as his daily practice for 3 years. He now teaches having completed his teacher training in 2019. He stays close to the teachings and his teacher Har Nal Kuar by cooking on the level one each year since completing the course.

Currently Rowan is in the second year of a three year course called The Masters Way which combines Meditation and Shadow work. The course shows you how to hold a very heart centered and vulnerable space and to accept and love all parts of yourself.

“I’ve been driving deep and I’m excited to share and hold space for people to do the same!”


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