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Roxana Vilk

07932 697504||www.yogawithroxana.com

My journey into yoga started over 15 years ago, when I started working professionally in the performing arts as an actor and singer, and I was looking for a structured daily yoga practise to help me deal with repeated back and neck pain. At first yoga started off just as physical practise for me, focusing on the postures ( Asanas) and then as I healed and strengthened my spine, I discovered that Yoga is so much more than just the physical. There were these incredible benefits to mind, body and soul, bringing clarity to my focus and giving me much needed tools to deal with stress and anxiety. In particular the focus on breath has led me to a deeper understanding of the workings of the mind. I came to learn (and keep learning!) that yoga can be used as a way of understanding the true nature of the Self and as I tool for self healing.

I am a Yoga Alliance Accredited teacher and did my initial training at the Classical Yoga School in the UK, led by June Mitchell and I am currently doing a further Yoga teacher training here in Bristol at  Yogasara.

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