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Ryan Kerr


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I’ve always been fascinated by movement. Ever since I was a child I’ve dived into different types of martial arts, have always loved to dance, and just generally love the healing that comes when I move my body in different ways.

I come to find the beauty in stillness in my late teenage years. Fed-up with the endless chattering of my mind all day (of which 90% was either pointless or negative!). Meditation was actually my doorway into the World of yoga, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I always leave time at the end of my classes for a meditation.

I started Yogasana shortly after my introduction to meditation, starting off with Iyenger yoga, which I practiced for many years in my home town of Stroud. I then transitioned to Ashtanga, which I also then practiced for many years, and with many different teachers around the World. I practiced the Mysore-style practice most mornings. Both of these practices allowed me to find freedom in my mind and spirit, whist simultaneously building strength and mobility in my physical body.

I later transitioned to a purely Vinyasa-flow style, enjoying the diversity and intuition it encouraged in our individual bodies. I don’t believe yoga was ever intended to be about creating the perfect Downdog, or how long you can stand on your head. These things can be fun, and of course do carry benefits of their own.. but what we’re really trying to do is get out of our head, and into feeling.

I try to bring this into all my classes, emphasising feeling over strict postural alignment. We are all so unique and beautiful, and the shapes we transition through and beyond are a wonderful expression of our own uniqueness. Also the importance of pause. Meditation. Pranayama. Both the Yin and Yang to create balance.

I am forever fascinated by the wonder of the human body and all the beautiful things it can do. I also experiment with other movement practices, such as calisthenics and animalistic movement, all of which influence my own practice and what I facilitate to others.

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