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Sarah Harlow

07789 501 884|
Instructor Photo - Sarah Harlow

Hi Im Sarah, co-founder & director of Yogasara CIC. I am a senior teacher and a Yoga Elder with the IYN Independent Yoga Network.

I offer 1-1 yoga with structural bodywork techniques, reflexology & embodied psychotherapy. I often offer a synergy of these approaches to provide individualised, bespoke sessions that we decide about together.

1-1 Yoga

1-1 Yoga can enable you to deepen your practice so that you can understand how yoga can best serve you as an individual. 1-1 can also enable you to discover the deeper, therapeutic application and support you on many levels.

How I can help- Along with over 20 years personal practice of yoga, conscious dance & meditation including several teacher trainings in different styles, I have extensive Anatomy & physiology training from Anatomy Trains UK & ongoing training in Body Mind centring. With a background in nursing- I understand health from an allopathic perspective and have integrated a broad knowledge base -I worked in many different  healthcare settings as a nurse so have encountered/treated a wide range of conditions.

I have developed a progressive holistic approach where I apply my professional & personal experience of health and wellbeing- Ive had my share of health issues, including a congenital heart condition which I manage really well (much to the confusion of my cardiologist!) largely through yoga. Therapeutic Yoga can benefit any one who is interested in understanding how the mind-body-emotion-spirit interplay.

I am very experienced working with injury and a whole range of other health conditions. I am passionate about making the benefits of yoga accessible to all no matter what state you are in; physically, mentally or emotionally- there is something in the Yoga Medicine cabinet for everyone!


As old as the hills, rooted in the wisdom of Chinese medicine, Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment that involves stimulating reflex points on the feet to facilitate the bodies innate healing mechanisms. I combine this with lower leg massage rooted in Structural Integration techniques to bring a deep feeling of relaxation and sometimes also include head neck and jaw if appropriate to give a top to toe healing experience!

Embodied Psychotherapy

I am an Embodied Psychotherapist and a member of the BACP (British association of Counselling and psychotherapy). I completed an Integrative training alongside a diploma in Drama therapy and ongoing training in Family Constellations, embodied therapy & Movement Medicine. I am currently in the process of writing an Embodied Yoga Therapy Diploma training course which Yogasara will offer in September 2020.

I work from the premise that the mind-body-emotions and spirit are interactive aspects of being. Finding our way in could be through the body e.g. asana or bodywork – I incorporate my bodywork training in Structural Integration when appropriate. Or the way in could be through more directly examining the mind and emotions through talking – addressing our conscious and unconscious stories/beliefs. Either way, I have found that freedom, healing and greater love comes through the re-writing of our story in our heads, hearts and bodies. I take a creative and curious approach to working out together the most effective way to do this. I offer a loving, supportive, well held relationship for you to explore what you need to flourish in all areas of your life. I have regular professional supervision to support me to offer you the strongest container I can for your wellbeing.

I have experience working with a wide range of issues including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, substance misuse, addiction, sexuality, gender, trauma, PTSD, health anxiety, relationship issues, self harm, eating disorders, self esteem/self worth, grief & loss, stress, sleep issues, disassociation, lethargy/lack of motivation, anger issues, shame, co-dependency.  I am extremely resilient & able to meet you where you are, whether you arrive in great distress or seeking ways to thrive- all of you is welcome, together we can find paths to greater wellbeing.

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