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Satya Prem Kaur

07904 315484||www.satnamsatya.com

Therapeutically formed treatments to treat the ‘Cause & Matter’ to be, ‘Well’ in Your ‘Being’

My 25 year experience in Holistic Therapies & personal growth in my kundalini practice has allowed me to gain knowledge & understanding of the benefits to the mind, body, soul & the Chakra Energies working together effectively.  Leading me to develop a therapeutic practice to strengthen & support clients physically & emotionally in order to maintain their well-being.

Chakra Amour Therapies gives you the opportunity to explore self-healing. To find the cause & treat the matter.  Using a combination of Holistic therapies to release physical tension, relax or energise the mind to encourage & maintain well-being.

Chakra Amour Crystal Aroma-Yoga Therapy, is a unique blend of therapies created to encourage flexibility to relieve aches and pains through creating self-love, self-care & self-healing.  With the option to introduce gently yogic stretches & postures to heal & balance the Chakras energies, which can hold mental & physical tension within the body.

Natural essential plant oils are applied through massage. The oils are carefully selected for the Chakras and blended to Awaken and Balance your Chakras. Gently absorbed into the skin through massage it can have therapeutic physiological and psychological effects. This can be stimulating, energizing, soothing and relaxing for the mind, body and soul.

Tailored to suit your needs, great for easing physical stress.  This massage can be stimulating, energizing, soothing & relaxing.

Reflexology is a therapy which involves using the thumbs and fingers to apply pressure & massage to the feet, hands or even both.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient art of massage is excellent for the relief of chronic neck & shoulder stiffness, eyestrain & headaches; it can help with mental tiredness & improve circulation & ease poor posture tension.

A natural & safe method of healing, gentle yet powerful without using pressure, manipulation or massage; it provides the recipient with whatever energy he or she needs to aid recovery or simply to promote harmony in mind, body and spirit, helping recharge, realign & re-balance their energy. You will be invited to re-connect to self by using the breath.

Ear candles using only natural ingredients; are place into the auditory canal for this pleasant & completely painless treatment. Ear candling offer benefits for those. Suffering from stress, hay fever, headaches, sinus tension & migraines.

Navel Candles are placed into the navel, introducing a slow warmth to the abdomen.  Encouraging the muscles to relax and relieve tension using oils & gentle massage strokes.
This treatment can be beneficial in aiding tension in bowel, constipation, menstrual cramping & ease the tension of irritable bowel.

Crystal healing is a natural & holistic therapy that supports the Chakras Energy Vortexes of the body.  Using the energy of crystals, to release blocks & stagnant energy to relieve tension & encourage relaxation & calm.

Kundalini yoga, is the yoga of creative awareness.  It works on the direct energies of the Chakras.
The chakras are connected to the endocrine system and nervous system.
Tuning into the balance & harmony of these energies can benefit the mind body & soul, finding the cause of physical tension within the body & emotional barriers.  1-1 sessions are available to create a personal practice to approach a journey to strengthen the mind & body & manage stress to maintain wellbeing.

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