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Seanie’s journey into a life guided by the teachings of yoga started in her twenties, as she sought a way to find balance in her life and manage her anxieties. Her research soon took her to some of the spiritual teachers and literature she still values today – most notably Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now. That particular book shifted her perspective enough to release some of the suffering she had been carrying, and ultimately find a more nourishing path in life.

Coinciding with her move to the city of Bristol, UK, Seanie started to pursue a deeper engagement with yoga in 2016 by completing an advanced-level course in Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Seeking community within her yoga journey and wishing to further her studies and practice, in 2019 she embarked on a two-year immersion course in Tantric Vinyasa Yoga at Yogasara Studio.

The style of teaching Seanie has developed is unique and ever-evolving, rooted in the belief that her own continued studies, practices and offerings are all deeply connected. She comfortably holds energetic space wherever she teaches, providing a strong yet nurturing enclosure in which to immerse yourself in your practice.

The practices Seanie guides are full-bodied, aiming to connect mind, body and spirit. They offer you the opportunity to release, to challenge yourself and connect deeply within, but always offset by the need for self-care and the freedom to listen to your own needs.

Presently, Seanie offers regular weekly practices, workshops and retreats throughout the year, continually growing both in her outreach and outlook to explore how she can best serve the collective consciousness and encourage physical, mental and spiritual health in the wider community.

Seanie also partners up with yoga teacher and friend Michelle Toll, to develop their project Kutumba.

Loosely put, Kutumba is an ever-growing concept rooted in community, conscious body movement and music. They are working on a programme of regular events, retreats and gatherings to feed the soul and strengthen real-world connections.

Whether you are new to the path of yoga or already immersed in your own practice, you will always find a warm and friendly welcome in Seanie’s classes. Feel welcome to contact her directly with any queries you may have.

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