Studio Hire – Workshops, Events, Courses

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Yogasara is available for you to run your friday evening and weekend workshops and courses. Our 85 sq metre space has a clean, naturally oiled wooden floor. Our space is shoe free so come prepared to feel your feet on the boards. The space has a delightful ante-room with bijou changing space and homely feel. We have a full range of yoga equipment – mats, blocks, belts, cushions and bolsters available for use. At the back is a well looked after walled garden with a picnic table, fruit trees and bike racks. You will also have access to a small kitchen for teas, coffees and food prep.

If you are interested in offering a weekly yoga class at Yogasara, find out more here.

Upstairs therapy rooms are also offered for rental and is suitable for offering a range of healing modalities, including 1-1 Yoga, counselling/psychotherapy, bodywork, reflexology. The studio is available for hire on Friday evening, all day Saturday, and until early evening on Sunday. See below to check our availability.

The rates to hire Yogasara are:

DayPeriodTime slotHire Cost*
FridayEvening7.00pm – late evening£50
SaturdayMorningEarly morning – 1.30pm£80
Afternoon1.30pm – 5.30pm
Evening6pm – late evening£55
Full dayEarly morning – 5.30pm£140
SundayMorningEarly morning – 1.30pm£80
Afternoon1.30pm – 5.30pm
Full dayEarly morning – 5.30pm£140
Full weekend**9.30am Sat – 5.30pm Sun£250

As part of your booking we can advertise your course on our website and social media pages.

We also offer the facility for participants to book through our online booking system on our timetable, at a cost of £8 + an additional 5% per booking (including card fees) – you can choose to do this, or to direct participants to book directly with you.

* For large groups (25+) there is an additional cleaning charge of £40

*When booking the full weekend the studio will be entirely yours to use from Saturday morning through to Sunday evening. Discounts on these rates are available for charities, youth groups and for other people with genuine need. Please get in touch for more details.