Workshops At Yogasara

We offer workshops in all the variety of classes we teach as well as workshops hosted by one of our guest teachers offering something a little different. All our workshops provide a safe and comfortable environment for all levels from seasoned practitioners wishing to deep stretch, develop inner connection to beginners wanting to find out what its all about.

A Tensegrity® Workshop: Welcoming a New Path – Practical Steps to Succeed

with Tensegrity Bristol on Saturday 7th December at 930am – 7pm & Sunday 8th December at 930am – 130pm

Price: £70 (£55 early bird discount if booked by December 3rd)

Making your way towards a new path can bring up insecurities or even fears. This workshop will provide you with the tools to find the practical steps to move forwards in your life. It will help you find the trust in yourself you’re longing for in order to succeed in whatever it is your heart desires.

The Breath of Life – an Invitation to Breathwork

with Christopher Gladwell on Thursday 12th December at 630 – 930pm

Location: Yogasara Montpelier

Price: £25 / £20 concession

Three breath practices that you can begin to use to transform your life.

Entering the beginning of conscious breathwork and how it can change your life for the better, whether you need to resolve trauma, clear addictions, transform your relationship with money, find your creative power, create greater wellbeing, find your Ikigai – your purpose for being, or simply go deep into who you truly are. Let the Breath of Life be your guide.

Solstice Sanctuary

with Sarah Harlow on Friday 20th December at 7.30pm – 9.45pm

Price: £25

Come- energise & restore in Candlelight

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow to heat you from the inside.

Mantra to calm the mind & open the heart & nourishing Yoga Nidra to restore your body & soul for the festive season.

DEEP PEACE Midwinter Flow Circle

with Arianna on Saturday 21st December at 630 – 930pm

Price: £20

Join Arianna for a Bhakti Flow Circle workshop at this sacred time of mid-winter & Christmas. The Bhakti Flow Circle is an evening combining deep yoga movement flow, pranayama, sound meditation with 21 Tibetan Bowls, & Kirtan (chanting – a practise of devotional Yoga). During this gathering we will turn our attention inwards & onto our own inner Divine Light, allowing it truly shine. As we move through physical to more subtle practises we recognise the sacred innocence within ourselves & our lives afresh, with non-judgement & clarity. Embodying through movement & then sounding out from that Truth through uplifting celebration chants to open our angel wings & set our spirits free.

Hypnobirthing One Day Intensive Course

with Daniella Dean on Sunday 12th January at 9am – 5pm

Price: £180 per couple

Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool for women and their birth partners to feel calm, confident, and empowered during labour. It is a great support whatever kind of birth you are planning to have.

These intensive and interactive courses run monthly. Group sizes are kept small, only 2-4 couples per course in order to share information, techniques and practical tools in relaxed and informal way with plenty of opportunity for discussion and everyones questions.

Tantric Flow: Letting Go

with Catherine Hale on Saturday 25th January at 10am – 4pm

Price: £65 early bird before 25th December / £75 after

The Tantric Flow process activates a flow of energy through your body, releasing and letting go of old trapped energies stored in key areas so you feel more at ease, open and connected to your body. As a result sexual energy can flow through your body, reducing sexual related challenges such as erection problems or lack of orgasm, and opening you to states of bliss and expansion.

Yoga Nidra, Music & Massage

with Leonie, Elli & Mel on Saturday 25th January at 630 – 930pm

Price: £30 per person / £25 concession or what you can generously afford

Take time to rest. Interweaving restorative yoga, yoga nidra, heartfelt massage and enchanting Indian flute, we offer an evening of deep relaxation, an opportunity to come home to your body and settle deep within your heart space.

Becoming Naturally Ecstatic

with Peter Warnock on Saturday 22nd February at 10am – 10pm & Sunday 23rd February at 10am – 5pm

Price: £95 – £120

In this workshop we will explore various ways of breathing, sounding, moving, listening and perceiving to open us up to more energy, more surrender and more bliss of the unfolding mystery of the moment.

It is an energy work workshop, a breath work workshop, a human sound workshop, a meditation workshop that includes an ecstatic dance session on Saturday evening – it awakens us to deeper levels of consciousness that can be explored anywhere and any time.