Workshops At Yogasara

We offer workshops in all the variety of classes we teach as well as workshops hosted by one of our guest teachers offering something a little different. All our workshops provide a safe and comfortable environment for all levels from seasoned practitioners wishing to deep stretch, develop inner connection to beginners wanting to find out what its all about.

SPECIAL KIRTAN for Buddha Jayanti: ‘Sounding The Source’

with Arianna on Saturday 18th May at 7 – 9.30pm

Price: £12, or on Move GB

Chanting in honour of Siddharta Gautama’s birthday..!

All welcome for candles, tea, mantras and song as we chant from the Buddhist tradition. Kirtan is a beautiful heart opening practise of Bhakti Yoga that naturally brings the mind to rest in the space of the heart. Join together & co-create a beautiful vibration to celebrate this sacred day & connect our light across the globe. No experience or musical skills necessary.

The Breath of Life – an Invitation to Breathwork

with Christopher Gladwell on Thursday 23rd May at 630 – 930pm

Location: Yogasara Montpelier

Price: £25 / £20 concession

Three breath practices that you can begin to use to transform your life.

Entering the beginning of conscious breathwork and how it can change your life for the better, whether you need to resolve trauma, clear addictions, transform your relationship with money, find your creative power, create greater wellbeing, find your Ikigai – your purpose for being, or simply go deep into who you truly are. Let the Breath of Life be your guide.

The Earth Element: Rooting Down to Find Support

with Laurence Elliott on Sunday 16th June at 10am – 1pm

Price: £30

Like a plant, healthy roots are essential for our strength and vitality. In this workshop we will focus on both actively creating and receiving support, through the body, from the Earth.

We will work through a strong vinyasa practice, experiencing the connection of breath and movement. Aligning asanas from the ground-up, we will align through the spirals of the arms and the legs to find more steadiness (Sthiram) in our practice. Our foundation needs to be strong, in our movement practice and in life! So expect a lot of focus on strength and building stability.

The Rhythms of Thai Massage, from Dynamic to Stillness

with Nicola from Bodywisdom School on Sunday 15th September at 10am – 5pm

Price: £55pp/ £100 double-booking

A practical one-day workshop with Bodywisdom School of Thai Massage explores the different rhythms of the body; how we can engage each other and find creative ways of releasing deeply held tension in the musculoskeletal, energy & emotional bodies. Learning these principles of Traditional Thai massage is a wonderful opportunity for self or professional development.