Workshops At Yogasara

We offer workshops in all the variety of classes we teach as well as workshops hosted by one of our guest teachers offering something a little different. All our workshops provide a safe and comfortable environment for all levels from seasoned practitioners wishing to deep stretch, develop inner connection to beginners wanting to find out what its all about.

The Breath of Life – Part Two

with Christopher Gladwell on Thursday 11th July at 630 – 1030pm

Price: £40

Thanks again for attending my level one Conscious Breathwork introduction.

On Thursday July the 11th you also have an opportunity to go a whole lot deeper, and I mean a whole lot deeper.

It will be a fabulous evening where we focus on just four practices and get into extensive practise.  As part of this we will go into a longer practice of the Conscious Connected Breathing, you therefore need to be willing to travel into and potentially through any unresolved emotional dynamics you may have tucked away in your tissues. Are you ready to be free of the ghosts of the past?

The Rhythms of Thai Massage

with Nicola from Bodywisdom School on Sunday 15th September at 10am – 5pm

Price: £55pp/ £100 double-booking

As human-beings we are comprised of different layers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, we respond to different qualities and rhythms of touch and are in a natural cycle of constant change. In this one-day workshop we engage the whole person by working with all the rhythms of the Soma – from stillness to dynamic and home again.