Yoga Courses

At Yogasara we offer a Foundation Course, Continued Professional Development, Yoga for Wellbeing and more… These courses are offered by our Yoga elders and/or senior teachers.

Yoga-Tantra Chakra Immersion

February to November 2020

The map of the chakras is rooted in ancient wisdom.

We will explore the western adaptation of this map through the practices of Yoga-Tantra, Embodied Awareness, Self Enquiry and the contemporary lenses of Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, & Neuroscience.

Taking place over six days. Each chakra will be explored through a combination of Asana, Mantra, Meditation, Tantric philosophy & Movement Medicine Dance & Voicework. An opportunity to dive deep and find the treasure of your own innate wisdom!

Yogasara Foundation Course

May to September 2020

Seven days of diving into the empowerment, healing & wellbeing available through yoga

Suitable for beginners or those interested in deepening their practice.

Yoga & Wellbeing Course

February to June 2020

This course is for those who have a desire & curiosity to find out how Yoga can become a way of life, more than something you ‘do’ once a week. We will explore how you can take yoga off your mat and make it part of your everyday. Learning to live with more resilience, compassion  and connection to life.

This 5 day course will deepen your awareness of the link between the body, mind & breath. Using the cornerstones of a yoga practice: Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Relaxation.

Tantric Meditation – Waking Up To What Is Real

Starting 20th September 2019

Eight evenings of exploration and practice.

Using the senses and sense fields we will explore a range of meditative practices from more traditional and contemporary schools of Tantra.

All of these practices are ways of entering into full embodied presence. In Tantra every aspect of our existence is understood as pure and divine.

Level 1 – Yoga for Beginners 6 week course

New to yoga or looking for a refresh on the foundations of practice?

Starts 9th January 2020

In Level One we explore how our bodies move and link this to our breath. Discover the Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskara) breaking down each asana (posture) within it and looking at the steps/stages (Kramas) to achieve each posture. Combined with breathing practices and the introduction of the Yogic Philosophies of Patanjali’s Yamas & Niyamas

Level 2 – Yoga for Beginners 6 week course

New to yoga or looking for a refresh on the foundations of practice?

Starts 9th January 2020

In Level Two we explore the Standing Asanas including Warrior 1,2,3 & 4, Balances and much more ….Again with a kramic approach incorporating Pranayama (Breath work) and looking deeper into the Yogic Philosophies including the Life Energy Systems/Maps of the Prana Vayus & The Koshas.