The Yogasara Advanced Teacher Training Course 2021 – 22

Dates for 2021 – 22 Course


  •    May 22nd – 23rd
  •    June 26th – 27th
  •    September 4th – 5th
  •    October 2nd – 3rd
  •    November 6th – 7th
  •    December 4th – 5th


  •    January 22nd – 23rd
  •    February 19th – 20th
  •    March 19th – 20th
  •    April 23rd – 24th
  •    Retreat: May 28th – June 4th
  •    June 25th – 26th

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Full Cost: £3,295

Monthly installment plan option

Deposit £650 – followed by 12 monthly installments by direct debit of £220.42 (from June 2021 to May 2022)

Pay in full option

Cost: £3,175

This includes a week of retreat in Portugal (travel costs not included).

There are limited bursary places available for those in genuine need. Please contact Sarah if you feel you are eligible.


The weekends are held at Yogasara Studio in Bristol, and the retreat is in Portugal:

Those with children are welcome on the residential – childcare will be available at an additional cost.

Terms and Conditions

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Sarah: 07789 501 884 or

The Yogasara Advanced Teacher Training is an exciting journey designed to take you and your teaching to new depths.

This training will lead to a 500 hour Independent Yoga Network (IYN) Qualification. IYN are one of the UK’s leading accreditors who require above average standards. You can rest assured you will complete the course with real depth and integrity as well as a professional qualification.

The course takes place over 11 weekends and a one week retreat. Led by Sarah Harlow and Sam Burkey with other guest teachers who are experts in their field.

Teachers Include; Eliza Kenyon – Voice & Movement medicine, Dr Michael Geary – respected Yoga Elder- Yogic philosophy, Katy Dymock Phd – the Queen (in my opinion!) of Body Mind Centering, Kira Goldy – Shamanic Shakedown, Alison Stanger – Handstand Workshop, Nick Pepper – Rolfer & Anatomy expert extraordinaire (he doesn’t like to be called an expert but wow his expertise is invaluable!).

We will dive deeply into the rich and diverse body of knowledge known as Yoga. Honouring tradition alongside fresh and innovative approaches, you will be supported to foster and enrich your own authentic teaching style. Become a more confident, inspiring teacher and empower your students with deeper knowledge and presence.

This course is an immersion into the Yogasara Method. An immersion intended to elicit more from you as a teacher. It is also a journey of personal transformation. The Yogasara Method includes practices that can facilitate revelation so that your teaching is inspired by your own ‘knowing’.

Who is this course for? Yogasara Teacher Training graduates; those who have completed a minimum of 200 hours with any other accredited school; it is also suitable for 500 hour graduates who want to undertake a training in Yoga Tantra.

We offer the content of this training in response to feedback from teachers who want to go deeper, along with our own insights and reflections after many years of offering teacher trainings.

Therefore this course has a dual focus: to take you deeper into your own personal Sadhana and to equip you with more knowledge and teaching skills.

Personal Sadhana

Your personal practice is the source that inspires and informs your teaching. As you travel deeper into your own power and wisdom, you naturally have the capacity to take others to greater depths.

We know that transformation can happen in many ways.

Abhyasa – dedication and commitment to practice, practice, practice! Abhyasa is to dedicate and align with that which is most sacred with the intention of freeing the soul from the binds of conditioning or ‘vastu’.

Neuroscience has shown we really can change our brains, including the ‘gut brain’ and the ‘heart brain’  through imagination and repetition. Through clear intention and dedication we can grow new neural pathways and create a mind and body that reflects the experience of the life we want instead of the habits we have formed. We can re-orientate ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The brain, mind and body are, of course, one continuum of being human. Our yoga practices can be tailored to each individual so that we can all create what we want more of in our lives and be of service to others and life on earth.

We will lean into the wisdom of ancient practices but offer them through contemporary means. We incorporate ‘medicine’ from other disciplines that deeply support the traditions from Yoga; which are many, varied, complex, paradoxical and at times confusing! Our intention is to provide you with information and opportunities to have direct experiences that genuinely bring more depth and meaning to your life, so that you can share your yoga with integrity.

We aim to demystify some of the complexity you may have met in the realms of Yogic philosophy to make the principles accessible and available. Our aim is to bring philosophy to life, to inspire you through storytelling and leave space for the imagination and the soul to explore freely!

We do this by going deeper into Asana, Breath, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriyas, Mantra, Devotion, Dance, Voice, Philosophy, Psychology and Community. See Yogasara Method. We incorporate Movement Medicine, Systemic Constellations and Body Mind Centering to give you new ways of exploring the past, present and future you. A place to explore shadow, power and embodiment from different perspectives. These invitations from other systems are included to help you awaken the intrinsic, natural, intuitive intelligence of the moving body and the wisdom of soul and spirit.

Tantra tells us that by opening to the life force that is everywhere we can allow Grace to move through us and bring about healing and awakening in ways that are often mysterious! Grace is not something you can ‘get’ but something that we believe is more likely to arrive if you can ‘get out of the way’! By this we mean continuing to bring the light of awareness to all of the ways that we hold back from being our most vibrant loving selves. Grace is opening to the beauty and profundity of life in simple everyday ways. We believe that Grace can arise naturally when we are in a state of openness, gratitude and oriented towards love and kindness.

Empowered Teaching Skills

This course will get you off your mat and into the room to be of greater service to your students. We will enable you to offer more presence and knowledge through an in-depth exploration of teaching the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. There will be a strong focus on applied Anatomy and Physiology with a view to developing skilled ‘Hands on Teaching’. This will be rooted in our training in structural bodywork and will include body reading and individual assessment; including working with injury and other specific health conditions. We will explore the postures from the Yogasara Method Sequences in depth and teach Kramas (modifications) that can enable students of different abilities to practice safely and intelligently.

The course provides continuity and community, an environment that is supportive, where learning and exploration spark reflection, self-inquiry, and the development of evaluation and appraisal skills. Throughout the course, you will have lots of opportunities to reflect on the effectiveness and progression of your teaching skills with the support of teachers and peers.

Assessment is ongoing throughout the course, and there are two methods of informal assessment:

  1. Teaching class (in pairs) – You will partner up to offer the group a two hour practice. You will teach one hour each dove-tailing to offer a session that is congruent based on a theme you decide together. You will offer Hands on teaching during the hour your peer is leading the class. You will have time to reflect and receive feedback which will be offered with discretion in written form.
  2. Workshop – You will submit a detailed plan for a 2-3 hour workshop. You will develop the workshop content over the length of the course with a theme we decide together, so that you step outside of your comfort zone! We will guide and support you throughout this process. It is an opportunity for you to study an area of interest in more depth and offer something you feel inspired and passionate about sharing. We will support you to actually offer this workshop at Yogasara or another appropriate venue.

The weekends are modular. The order of these modules are subject to change in response to the needs of the group as they arise.

Most weekends will include a led class on the Saturday morning and self practice with individual attention on the Sunday morning. The led classes will explore the Yogasara Krama Vinyasa approach with appropriate use of props, incorporating applied yogic philosophy. Much of the learning will be experiential and the led classes will weave in topics such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, and other themes that are relevant to the group as we journey together. The led and self practice sessions are rich with information and experiential learning. We will cover a lot of material not explicitly outlined below because it will arise in response to the group and individual needs.

Each module will include an in-depth exploration of Asana, Breath, Pranayama, Kriya, Chanting and Meditation.

Module 1

  • Opening Circle and Ceremony
  • Trauma Awareness: Neuro-Biological understanding
  • Understanding the Physical Body and Nervous System as resource: Integrating Bandha + Mudra, Orientation, Gravity and Directional Forces / Vayus from a Trauma informed perspective.
  • Tantra: Vijnana Bhairava Tantra + Sri Vidya Path
  • Yogic / Transpersonal Psychology
  • Language: The Poetry of Teaching – Journaling for Inspiration

Module 2

  • Pedagogy: The Study and Practice of How to Teach / Embodied teaching and effective Communication – Visual, Aural and Kinaesthetic or “Hands on”.
  • Teaching Lab: Working with Themes, Seasons and Cycles and Class Choreography / Sequencing (Kramic Approaches).
  • Hands on Teaching: Getting off your mat and learning how and when to offer Verbal Cues, Hands on Teaching and Demonstrations appropriately and be able to do them simultaneously.
  • Intro to Structural Bodywork Techniques

Module 3

  • Hands on Teaching with awareness of Subtle Body maps: Koshas, Dimensions of Being, Chakras, Lenses of Awareness.
  • Triaging in Hands on Teaching – who, when and why
  • Creating Liminal Space, Ritual and Ceremony with Guest Teacher, Kira Goldy

Module 4

Sarah with Guest teacher, Dr Michael Geary:

  • The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita
  • The Path of Bhakti
  • Dharma: the Yoga pathway to living a full and healthy life
  • Teacher-Student Relationship: Understanding Transference and Countertransference, Boundaries
  • Demystifying the Guru Principle
  • Discussion about awakening in the modern world. Cultural Appropriation and the shadow side of Contemporary Yoga.

Module 5 – One Week Retreat in Portugal

The purpose of retreat is to dive deeply into your own experience. We will explore the transformative medicine of Tantric Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra/chanting, Asana, Yoga Nidra, Embodied Presence & Hands on teaching.

Every morning we will practice a combination of Kriya, Meditation, Mantra and/or Pranayama.

Asana sessions will consist of 5 led classes taught by pair groups and 2 self practice sessions.

We will spend 2 days on Systemic Constellations.

Module 6

  • Voice work with guest teacher, Eliza Kenyon

Module 7

  • Movement Medicine – Exploring Archetypes and Shadow

Module 8

  • Sarah with guest teacher, Katie Dymoke – Body Mind Centering:
    • Anatomy and Physiology: The Endocrine System + Moving with the Emotions
    • Stress vs. Stimulation + Releasing Stress through Conscious Movement
    • Further Applied Anatomy + Hands on Teaching incorporating BMC principles

Module 9

Guest teacher, Nick Pepper:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: The Spine, Skull and Bones + Moving from the Skeletal Body
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments + Moving from the Muscular Body
  • Working with Specific Health Conditions and Injury + Use of Props

Module 10

  • Led class focusing on Pregnancy and Female health
  • Anatomy lab: Pregnancy, Menstruation, Injuries and health conditions.
  • Guest teacher, Nick Pepper: Embodied Anatomy and Structural Bodywork techniques in Hands on Teaching

Module 11

  • Tantric Philosophy
  • Engaged Tantric Practices
  • Experiential Workshop: Yoga Nidra
  • Satsang with Dr Michael Geary (guest teacher) and Sarah: Living the View

Module 12

  • Navigating the ‘business’ of yoga teaching
  • Revisiting core themes
  • Integration, Celebration and Closing Ritual

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey of empowerment into teaching.

How to Apply

If you want to sign up or know more:

call Sarah on 07789 501 884 or email