Yogasara Student Agreement

I acknowledge that Yoga is a path of integration, healing, self awareness/responsibility and love.

I aim to uphold the interweaving of the four primary paths of Yoga both on and off the mat:

  • Bhakti (Devotion and Love)
  • Jñāna (Knowledge and Wisdom)
  • Karma (Action and Selfless service)
  • Rāja yoga (Meditation and Awareness) – doing my best to maintain a state of openness, curiosity and compassion towards myself and the rest of humanity

I aim to embody the philosophy of yoga which includes:

  • Ahimsa (non-harming) also described as ‘kindness’.
  • Svādhyāya (Self awareness), which may include taking on board constructive feedback from teachers and peers with respect, dignity and humility.
  • Satya (truth), which includes the process of being made aware of my limitations and what I don’t know, and to recognise and acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them with self compassion.

Therefore, during the course:

  • I agree to maintain respect for my teachers, peers, future and/or current students, this includes maintaining confidentiality at all times.
  • If I have any concerns that a member of the group is displaying signs of risk of harm to self or others I may break confidentiality to one of the teaching team, in a discreet and confidential setting.
  • If I have an issue with a peer that I cannot resolve, I will seek support from one of the teaching team, or another appropriate professional, such as personal therapist, supervisor or mentor.
  • I will foster a basic attitude of friendliness and respect towards myself and the Yogasara community and beyond.
  • I am able to and open to receiving constructive feedback from my teachers and peers.
  • I agree to respect other modalities and practices even if I don’t agree with them and see their limitations.
  • I agree to do my best to use language that is inclusive (e.g. with respect to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious and economic background etc.).
  • I will do my best to be on time for all sessions, if I am running late I will let the lead or assistant teacher know directly (not via a peer group WhatsApp).
  • If I am unwell and unable to make a session I will email Sarah, if it is on the day, I will email Sarah and text or WhatsApp the lead teacher for the day.
  • I agree to caretake the space by putting mats and props away tidily and letting assistant teachers know if I notice things such as, the bins are full, toilet roll needs etc, and generally be mindful of the physical space.
  • I agree that I will not take myself too seriously and do my best to wholeheartedly embrace this journey, riding waves that come with as much grace as possible and more importantly remember that I am allowed to enjoy myself!